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Final Walk-Through Inspection.

The final inspection usually takes place the day before the closing. The buyer visits the property to verify that everything is in working order and has remained the same as when the buyer last viewed the property.

Cancel Home Services and Utilities.

I can provide you a list of useful numbers for the termination of home services and utilities just prior to the closing.

Be Prepared.

I am ready to assist you should an unforeseen issue present itself prior to closing. Whether the  home is damaged during your move or one of the built-in appliances suddenly doesn’t work, I will address each item efficiently and in a stress-free manner.


The closing agent will furnish all parties involved with a settlement statement which summarizes and details the financial transactions enacted in the process. The buyer(s) will sign this statement and then you will sign as well as the closing agent. If you are unable to attend the scheduled closing, arrangements can be made depending on the circumstances and the notice that we receive. If you are receiving funds from the transaction, you can elect to either have the funds wired electronically to an account at your financial institution or have a check issued to you at the closing. You should arrange to have all property keys and any other important information for the new purchaser at the closing.

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